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    Terms & Conditions

    • It is not only for your information although; either you can use our site to purchase medicines.
    • We don’t have any assurance that our medicines will surely help the patients to cure.
    • For any severe health issue, patients need to consult doctors and take medicines suggested by doctors.
    • We are responsible if the medicines won’t impact even after taking them.
    • However, the prices given on our site can change anytime based on discounts, new offers, large inventory and stock, and the current market price of the medications.
    • The details of products on our site are recommended the need to use otherwise you may face problems. 
    • Whatever photos and pictures are given on the portal below the product description page are available for reference only.
    • We may cancel your product because of some emergency reason.
    • In that situation, we will talk to you through email about the cancellation of the product.
    • We can change the price of the products and it will be mentioned according to market cost or price.
    • People cannot hold us responsible for changes or radical switches in prices.
    • We never force consumers to register for our new plans.
    • You can select us and therefore you have to choose by yourself whether you wish for enough discounts or not.
    • Our specified discounts are given to staff only.
    • You don’t have to provide your email for purchasing our medicines from our online platform.
    • This can assist you to receive notifications about our new and latest arrivals, discounts, and many exclusive offers.

    Use of medicines purchased from our portal

    • We are not sure about the advantages of using any of our medicine from our site.
    • With the help of our online portal, we don’t give any kind of advice or branding of drugs of any organization.
    • However, we only work as a vendor from where you just select whether to purchase or not.
    • We don’t even promise that the patient will get well soon from particular health disease-consuming medicines purchased from our site.
    • There are wide ranges of medicine brands and with every brand over again there are certain medication dosages according to the strengths of the common ingredient.
    • People should confirm from the healthcare experts if the medicine is the same so, the dosage will be provided on our site so you can decide to purchase.

    Safety measures at our portal

    • We are committed to offering the best quality with rigorous security of online payment portals for our consumers.
    • However, the information you share throughout purchasing medicines besides your payment details are not utilized for any kind of marketing reasons or even as, excessive selling of data.
    • Whatever your personal information throughout purchasing medicines like your name, email, and contact number address are all kept in secure digital lockers in our data servers. 
    • These servers come with the proper online protection that helps to look after your data. 
    • Once you will receive your payment from us so, the information will be erased immediately and we don’t keep any information without your authorization.

    Delivery package to your home

    • Once you have done the online order our delivery and transportation delivery team is 100% answerable for shipping products to your given location.
    • We will cancel the item in case your shipping address is wrong or unreachable.
    • In such cases, there will be no refund of the payment will be done unless the customer calls or gives you a notification for a refund or even gives you a new delivery address.
    • Keep in mind that throughout the next delivery process you have to pay the shipping and courier costs as well.
    • However, we can sometimes delay the products due to some important reasons such as poor weather conditions, extreme fog, and poor logistic problems.  

    Customs delay

    • From time to time your packed products might be withdrawn at the customs division at your local seaports and airports. 
    • Although, we are even not answerable for delays in delivery throughout such circumstances.
    • Any kind of custom cost like duty given by the customs power is also answerable to be remunerated by the consumer.

    Pricing policy

    • The costs that you look at on our site won’t be impacted by us.
    • Even as, all discounts and exclusive offers that you look which are completely selected by our executive team.
    • We don’t even negotiate the costs for medicines that will be displayed on our site.
    • The entire discounts and offers on costs are the highest cutback that you can obtain on purchasing medicines.

    Cancellation rules and regulations

    • Once the products have been shipped any cancellation requirements should be made within a week from the date of delivery.
    • Furthermore, in such cases, if the seal of the products has been broken or the item utilized or even if any interference has been done successfully as we can discard your cancellation of the product.