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    Order Cancellation Policy

    Customer services are a priority for, which is why we are a proud customer-centric company. When it comes to cancellation of an order placed by our customer, there are two conditions: 

    • Order cancellation by the customer 
    • Order cancellation by us

    In the event of an order cancellation by a customer, we respect our customers’ decision, and through a few simple steps, we proceed. Our customers need to understand the below-mentioned conditions:

    Cancellation of order by customer:

    • Cancellation is valid and thus possible within a time limit of 24 hours
    • At the time of cancellation, a few questions must be answered by the customer. 
    • The answers should be legitimate and convincing. 
    • If the reason for the cancellation is not satisfied with the product or there is doubt regarding the quality, a customer may talk to our customer support team. 
    • In the case of not generated receipt, a customer doesn’t need to cancel as we send receipts through email, too. 
    • If there are any payment issues, cancellation should not be rushed, as it takes time in certain circumstances. 

    Cancellation of order by us: 

    • We also cancel orders when a customer places the order, and the product goes out of stock in a day or two.
    • In the condition of the stock product, a customer will be informed in a timely manner and won’t be kept engaged. 

    In the case where a product gets lost in transit due to uncontrolled circumstances or God’s act, we cancel the order and inform the customer immediately.