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Modalert 100 MG Australia
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Do you want to promote wakefulness? Modalert 100 Australia is one of the most legit smart drugs to do this. This nootropic eliminates symptoms of narcolepsy, OSA, and SWSD, and in turn, allows you to stay active & energetic for 12+ hours. Buy Modalert Australia upon prescription & only from sites giving 100% quality assurance like us.

Modalert 100 Australia – One of the Most Popular Smart Drugs, Nootropics & Study Drugs for Lasting Alertness

Keeping up with the energy throughout the day is a daunting task, especially when you’re down due to short-term sleep disorders. For instance, narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and shift work sleep disorders (SWSD) have become common for this generation. You’ll find every other person suffering from such sleep troubles due to some reasons.

Though lifestyle changes can make a big impact and you can recover what about keeping upbeat with life? It is important to find an effective remedy that keeps you going. Here is where you will need a smart drug like Modalert 100 Australia. Hundreds of adults buy Modalert and use it as their handy alertness promoter pill. If you’re interested to grab one then consult your healthcare provider first.

About Modalert 100 Australia

Modalert 100mg is a smart drug mainly used for treating short-term sleep disorders (narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, etc). It is also a former choice as a wakefulness promoter & cognitive enhancer pill. This nootropic or smart drug is popularly prescribed to adults only. Also, it is not something you can use regularly. Modalert contains Modafinil as a key ingredient and it holds habit-forming potential. Hence, you should use it according to the prescription and discontinue it as indicated by the medical care provider.

What is Modalert 100 used for?

It can be used by any adult willing to work without losing focus or energy during work hours. Most of its users are entrepreneurs, artists, writers, shift workers, military men, and so on. In other words, it is used to improve focus and productivity by people who don’t want to feel tired during the day.

Benefits of Modalert 100

  • Tackle narcolepsy, OSA & SWSD smoothly
  • Incredible cognitive enhancement
  • Improved memory and rational decision-making
  • Lasting energy and productivity up to 12+ hours
  • Zero fatigue and desire for sleepiness during daytime
  • No interference with the sleep regime
  • Good mood for tackling challenges

Why is it known as a smart drug?

Modalert has Modafinil as major active content. Modafinil is what makes Modalert a Smart Pill. Smart drugs do not mean medicines that make you smarter. They’re the medications used for improving an individual’s capabilities for excellent cognitive performance. In other words, it is a smart drug because it interferes with brain activities yielding better productivity.

How does Modalert 100 work?

The working mechanism of Modafinil isn’t been scientifically proven yet. However, this smart drug is believed to work by interfering with the chemical messengers of the brain. Brain cells have neurotransmitters that communicate via signals. Hereby, Modafinil reduces the downtime of the patient by keeping up the functioning of norepinephrine, histamine & serotonin.

They’re the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. As these neurotransmitters are made to work longer, the user is less likely to feel sluggish. Moreover, they don’t let melatonin produced before expected nor interfere with its secretion. Hence, the user can fall asleep as bedtime arrives. This medicine does not interfere with sleep routine, making it a popular choice.

Using Modalert 100 Dosage

The dosage directions are based on the purpose of using this medicine. Here is how you’re supposed to use Modalert:

  • For Narcolepsy/OSA: Take it on an empty stomach & before breakfast.
  • For SWSD: Take this pill an hour before leaving for work.

Swallow one whole tablet with a glass of water. Avoid chewing, crushing, or breaking the pill. Don’t use any of your existing medicines with this nootropic for avoiding conflicts between drugs. Make sure you don’t take it more than once a day. Never have it a few hours before regular bedtime else it will cause trouble while sleeping.

What should you do if you forget to take a dose?

Your missed dose can be used as soon as you remember in the first half of the day. In case you remind of it later during the day then avoid catching up with missed doses. Also, avoid using multiple pills together during the next scheduled dosage else overdosing will happen and it’ll be harmful to your health.

Drug interaction with Modalert 100

Below is the list featuring the drug interactions of Modalert Modafinil tablets. Stop using them if possible while consuming this nootropic. If not, you can use them with a safe gap so that their active ingredients don’t clash. Disclose your ongoing medicines with the doctor for guidance on how to avoid contradictions between drugs.

  • Caffeine
  • Armodafinil
  • Street drugs
  • Diet aid pills
  • Daridorexant
  • Heart medicines
  • Hormonal birth control pills
  • Chronic Hepatitis C medicines
  • Blood pressure medicines

Modalert 100 Side Effects

Here are the side effects of Modalert to be mentioned:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Diarrhea
  • Runny nose
  • Nervousness
  • Indigestion
  • Back pain

How to manage the side effects of Modalert 100 (Modafinil) medicine?

Users are less likely to experience any serious side effects. Most users only experience a few of the nominal ones in moderate nature. In case you’re finding it difficult to manage the side effects then consult your healthcare provider. Alternatively, you can wait for the nominal side effects to disappear after a few days or a couple of weeks. For rare ones, call the emergency helpline number immediately.

Where to Buy Modalert 100?

If you’re already prescribed Modalert tablets then grab them here at You’ll be amazed at non-compromising medicine quality at competitive prices. We’re delivering smart drugs/nootropics as well as other healthcare supplements for years.

It is always a good time in meeting the needs of users like you. So, what are you waiting for? Would you not want to try 100% quality-assured Modalert 100 in Australia? Place your order now!

Precautions and Warnings of Modalert 100

  • Modalert 100 is not an OTC drug and should never be used so. Seek help from your doctor if you want to use this nootropic, get a prescription, and then buy Modalert 100 Australia.
  • This medicine is not for people allergic to Modafinil.
  • Limit alcohol usage and if possible, quit alcohol while using this nootropic.
  • Modafinil is unsafe for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Inform your doctor if you’re pregnant, planning pregnancy, using contraceptive pills, etc before using this medicine.
  • Driving, using heavy tools, etc are unsafe activities after consuming Modalert. Hence, avoid attempting any such activities.
  • Tell your doctor if you’re suffering from any sensitive health problems (kidney or liver disease, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, etc). This will help them decide whether or not you can use Modalert.
  • This smart drug is not ideal for children below the age of 18 years.
  • Don’t keep using this Modafinil tablet as long as desired. Follow the prescription and discontinue this medicine once your purpose is met.
  • You’re prone to addiction to Modafinil if it is used for a longer duration than prescribed. Ask your doctor how you can discontinue it safely.
  • See your doctor if you experience any kind of severe side effects or abuse potentials while using this medicine. Also, inform them if you don’t see the results as expected.


Does Modalert 100 Tabletaffect contraceptives?

Yes, Modafinil has the potential for reducing the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives. Discuss with your doctor if you’re already using any contraceptive or birth control pills before starting to use this medicine.

What happens if I take too many Modalert 100 Tablets?

Overdosing on this nootropic affects your sleep regime and causes severe mood disorders. Your body is not designed to stay awake all the time and it needs rest too. As you know, this medicine interferes with the neurotransmitters for keeping you awake. Overdosing boosts the functioning of those neurotransmitters for extra wakefulness. In a nutshell, you’ll cause serious self-harm by taking too much Modalert. NEVER DO IT!

Does Modalert 100 make you happy?

Modalert 100mg is known as a mood-booster and cognitive enhancer pill. You’re in a positive and fully-energetic mood. Also, a high-on-energy day can cheer you up. So, you’ll likely feel happy after getting things done without feeling fatigued.

Can I take Modalert tablets while breastfeeding?

Modafinil is not recommended for breastfeeding women as it can pass via breast milk to the child. Children below 18 years cannot withstand its effects. Therefore, avoid consuming Modafinil 100 Australia while breastfeeding. Inform your doctor in case you’re willing to take this smart drug during breastfeeding.

Can I consume alcohol with the Modalert 100 tablet?

This nootropic is used for alertness while alcohol is a dizziness promoter. Using alcohol means preferring a dizziness promoter over a wakefulness promoter. The clashing effects can be risky for your health. So, you better avoid alcohol as well as alcoholic beverages while consuming Modalert.

When is the best time to take Modalert 100 tablets?

Modalert 100 is advised to use before breakfast. Have your dosage with a glass of water. This goes for narcolepsy and OSA patients. For SWSD, this smart drug can be used an hour before leaving for work so that wakefulness promotes right when desired.

Are Modafinil and Modalert the same thing?

Modafinil is the active ingredient and Modalert is the brand name under which Modafinil is sold. Hence, you can say that they’re the same things.

Can I use Modalert 100 if I’m pregnant?

No, this nootropic is not recommended for pregnant women. Modafinil can be harmful to the fetus in the womb and so it is not suggested for women during pregnancy.

Does Modalert 100 affect sleep?

Usually, this smart drug is suggested to take only once per day & first thing in the morning. It remains effective for up to 12 hours. This simply means that your bedtime remains unaffected because Modafinil starts wearing off when you’re about to sleep. So, it does not interfere with your sleep regime and you can get to bed as usual.

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    Modalert 100 helped me stay focused during the day, sometime obsessive focus. On days that I know I need to focus, Modalert 100 doses is perfect.

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